Forever Story Medallion
Forever Story Medallion
Forever Story Medallion
Forever Story Medallion

Forever Story Medallion

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What's included?
  • Two weather-resistant medallions crafted from premium-grade anodized aluminum.
  • Pre-applied adhesive pads for easy mounting.
  • Complimentary digital profile to honour your loved one.
  • Lifetime warranty for peace of mind.
What is a Forever Story Medallion?

The Forever Story Medallion is a gateway to a world where memories never fade.

Crafted from premium-grade anodized aluminum, this weather-resistant medallion is designed to stand the test of time, just like the memories it preserves.

Each medallion is equipped with a QR code that links to a personalised digital profile. 

Share the rich tapestry of your loved one's life - their stories, achievements, and cherished photos/videos, creating a lasting digital legacy accessible with just a scan from your smartphone.

Whether placed on a gravestone, memorial or kept close in a personal space, these medallions offer a unique and meaningful way to honour and remember.

How does it work?

Upon receiving your Forever Story Medallion, begin by scanning it with your smartphone. This will guide you through a simple setup process. You'll have the opportunity to create a unique online profile for your loved one.

You'll be able to include a biography, photos and an unlimited number of embedded videos.

Once setup, anyone that scans the medallion will be presented with your loved one's profile and will be able to learn their life story.

You can even choose to give visitors the opportunity to leave tribute messages during their visit.

Forever Story profiles aren't limited to those who have already passed - begin documenting your own story and create a profile for yourself today!

Free & Easy Profile Setup

Apply your Medallion

Peel off the adhesive backing and stick your medallion to a headstone or memorial.

Scan the QR Code

Use a smartphone camera to scan the medallion and open the Forever Story portal.

Create a Profile

Sign up and create an everlasting profile by entering information about your loved one.

An everlasting tribute.

Each medallion includes a QR code that, when scanned with a smartphone, links to a personalised digital profile. Each profile includes:

  • Biography - capture the essence of your loved one's journey.
  • Photo Album - cherish memories through photo uploads.
  • Video Memories - bring their story to life with unlimited embedded videos.
  • Location Details - for visitors to save the location.
  • Tribute Book - a space for visitors to leave written tributes, with your control over publication.
Is there a subscription fee to keep the profile online?

No! There are no monthly subscriptions or additional fees to keep the profile online. Your purchase of the Forever Story Medallion includes lifetime hosting of the digital profile. This ensures that your loved one's memories and stories are preserved and accessible for generations to come.

Can the medallion be attached to any surface?

Yes, the Forever Story Medallion can be attached to a variety of surfaces. It comes with a pre-applied adhesive pad designed for strong and durable adherence. Whether you're attaching it to a gravestone, a memorial plaque, or another meaningful location, the adhesive ensures that the medallion remains securely in place.

For optimal durability, we recommend attaching it to flat, clean surfaces where it can adhere fully.

What if I don't have any videos?

You have full control over what you'd like to display on your loved one's profile. If you don't have any videos, there's no obligation to add any.

We support YouTube embeds, meaning you can even add videos that aren't your own (e.g favourite songs) to a profile.

What is your Lifetime Warranty?

Our Lifetime Warranty ensures that your Forever Story Medallion is protected against defects, weathering and fading for the entirety of its lifespan.

In the unlikely event that your medallion exhibits any defects, we will replace it at no extra cost.

How big is each medallion?

Each Forever Story Medallion is exactly 2" x 2" inches.

How many photos & videos can I upload to the profile?

Each profile allows for up to 30 uploaded images. Additionally, you can embed an unlimited number of videos and write an extensive text biography without any word limit.

100+ Year Guarantee

Pre-paid for over a century

No Monthly Fees

Profiles are free, forever

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Lifetime Warranty

Protected for life