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QR Code Medallion & Digital Profile

Each Forever Story Medallion is equipped with a QR code that links to a personalised digital profile.

Share the rich tapestry of your loved one's life - their stories, achievements, and cherished photos/videos.

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"I never knew how much I needed something like this until I had it. The ability to share my father's life story with others is priceless. It's a true gift to anyone grieving"

Sophia E.

It's like she's still here with us

"Forever Story has brought so much comfort to our family. The medallion we placed on my grandmother's resting place is not only elegant but also a beautiful way to keep her story alive. It's like she's still here with us"

Amelia S.

Keeping his memory alive

"Forever Story turned my husband's resting place into a living story, keeping his memory alive."

Isabelle C.

Bridge between generations

"As a historian, I appreciate how Forever Story helps keep the past alive. It's a beautiful bridge between generations."

Eleanor W.