We are Forever Story

Our journey began with a father and son duo, Mark and Dan, who shared a deep passion for preserving family stories and realised the importance of holding onto those precious memories that often fade with time.

Driven by the desire to cherish and preserve family histories, Dan's innovative vision and Mark's seasoned wisdom led to the creation of our unique product: a beautifully crafted medallion designed to connect generations.

At Forever Story, we don't just offer a product; we provide a bridge to the past, connecting generations through the timeless stories of those who came before us. Our Forever Story Medallions are more than just markers; they are portals to a world of memories, accessible with just a simple scan from your smartphone.

Join us in our mission to keep the stories of your loved ones alive.

With Forever Story, every memory is a treasure, preserved forever.

100+ Year Guarantee

Pre-paid for over a century

No Monthly Fees

Profiles are free, forever

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Lifetime Warranty

Protected for life